7 07 2008


No people coming for mcg. Why God? I been asking you all night long. Whats wrong with me? And God says.

Psalms 48:14

14For this God is our God forever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.

Dear God,

I pray for myself that i will grow all out. God forgive our transgressions as we come before you with clean hands to do your perfect will. Whatever things happen I wont complain. Because your grace is sufficient for me. The first fruits will come once again in cchy. Also, i pray for all those in my pioneering team such that they remain humble to seek you. Lastly, I pray that for Cg’08 and the pioneering schs out there that they are going to complete all of their schs. God give us grace. It is clear cut we do not deserve your grace but your wrath. God you know our hearts. The motives so invisible to Man but visible to You must always be right. Motive to serve You because we love you. Empower this team and we come right before you always.

In Jesus Name,


What can I Do but praise you.



2 06 2008

Hi to all this would probably be my new blog after all.thank it for being simple. so what is yet to come? More insights from myself in ministry to personal convictions. 🙂 I am here to influnce pple after all with my speech,actions or to even this blog alone. 7 under my care now. How am i going to use my day or time effectively to deliver them my commitment? They are all precious lives. God use me to meet all of their needs. Physical,spiritual & emotional. Jesus was more than able to meet all of his 12 disciples needs. What more about me? If we do not shepherd our sheeps, the devil will shepherd them. God, I must build this generation right and lay the right foundations by teaching your word. God you will change their lives with your word. Amen! 😀 

Jesus hold me in your arms now.